University Advisors

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) works with over 35 colleges and universities throughout the United States in advancing corrugated curricula and promoting corrugated careers to students. The formal partnership agreements with 20 or more of these institutions of higher education enables ICPF to designate corporate advisors to the advisory boards of the packaging design and related programs ICPF has jumpstarted, established, expanded or enhanced.  The advisors who are appointed by ICPF not only provide input on the college or university curricula, but also serve as mentors to faculty and students, serve as class speakers, and reach out to other local corrugated corporations for additional speakers and to expand the student internship opportunities in their region.

ICPF Corporate Partner firms that are interested in providing a candidate to serve as an ICPF representative on an advisory board are encouraged to contact Richard Flaherty, President of ICPF, at or call 703.549. 8580.