ICPF Contributors

ICPF has a strong history of financial support from companies and individuals throughout the corrugated industry. 


Abbott-Action, Inc.
Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc.
Acorn Corrugated Box
Action Box Company
Adams Container
Adhesive Mixing Equipment, Inc.
Advance Packaging Corporation
Advanced Software, Inc.
Advanstar Communications
Advanstar Publishers
Aegis Container
Agnati America, Inc.
A.G. Stacker Inc.
AICC- The Independent Packaging Association
AICC (Region 1)
AICC (Region 3)
AICC (Region 4)
AICC (Region 5)
AICC (Region 6)
AICC (Region 8 & 9 Golf)
AICC (Region 8, 9 & 10)
AICC (Region 9)
AICC (Region 10)
AICC (Region 11)
AICC (Canada)
AIM Corrugated Container Corp.
Akers Packaging Service, Inc.
ALHU International, Inc.
All Packaging, Inc.
All West Container Co.
Allan Company
Alliance Display & Packaging
Alpha Packaging, Inc.
Amcor Sunclipse North America
American Capital Resources, Inc.
American Carton & Polybag
American Corrugated Machine Corp.
American Forest & Paper Association
American Packaging Corporation
American Paper & Packaging
American River Packaging
American Society of Asso. Executives
Anderson, Paul & Jayne
Aon Risk Services Companies, Inc.
ARC/Doyle Machinery
ARC International
Arden Software
Armor Box Corp.
Artistic Carton Co.
Arvco Container Corp.
Associated Packaging, Inc.
Atlantic Corrugated Box Co., Inc.
Atlantic Packaging
Atlas Container Corp.
Atlas Packaging Inc.
Automatan, Inc.
Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. 

Bahmueller Technologies
Batavia Container
Bates Container, Inc.
Baumer HHS
Bay Cities Container Corp.
Bay Machinery, Inc.
Bay State Paper Company
Baysek Machines, Inc.
BCM Inks USA, Inc.
BHS Machinery Corporation
Bicknell & Fuller Corrugated Container
Board Converting News
Bobst Group, Inc.
Bobst Martin
Boise Cascade Corporation
Borden Coatings & Graphics
Box USA - Four M
Boxboard Containers International
Box-Board Products
Boxes, Inc. of St. Louis
Bradford Company
Brian Thomas Display & Packaging
Brook Hollow Software
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
Buckeye Boxes, Inc.
Buckeye Corrugated, Inc.
Bustamante, Sally

BW Papersystems Company

C & B Corrugated Containers, Inc.
California Corrugated Industries, Inc.
Callif, David and Lynn
Canadian Corrugated Case Association
Capital Corrugated & Carton 
Capital Packaging Corp.
Carlisle Container Company
Carton Sales & Manufacturing Co.

Cascades Containerboard Packaging
Ce Corr, Inc.
CEL Chemical
Central Package & Display
Central Florida Box Corp.
Central Graphics & Container Group
Central Group
Central Texas Corrugated
Central Container, Inc.
Century Container Corporation
Chambers Container Company
Champion International Corp.
Chesapeake Packaging Co.
Chicago Corrugated Box Company
Chief Container
Chris Heusch Technical Support
Classic Container Corporation
Colley, Dennis and Elaine

Color Resolutions International
Colorado Container Company
Combined Containerboard, Inc.
Commander Packaging Corp.
Commencement Bay Corrugated
Compak Ink/Webcor Packaging Corp.
Concord Specialty Corp.
Container Graphics
Continental Kraft Corp.
Cook Paper Recycling
Cor-Box, Inc.
CorrChoice, Inc.
Corrugated Container Corp.
Corrugated Gear & Services
Corrugated Packaging & Design
Corrugated Services, Inc.
Corrugated Supplies Corporation
Corrugated Synergies
Corrugated Technologies, Inc.
Coyle Corrugated Containers Ltd.
Coyle Packaging Group
Craig R. Hoyt Estate
Crathern Machinery Group, Inc.
Creative Carton Corp.
Crockett Container Corp.
Curley, Jim
Custom Packaging, Inc.

Danbury Square Box Co.
Data Technology
DeFord, Mortiz and Tammy
Deline Box & Display
Delta Container Corp.
Dennis Colt Packaging Ltd.
Dicar, Inc.
Dimensional Impressions
Discovery Development Group
Domtar Packaging
Donahue & Associated International
Drake Container Corporation
Dusobox Corporation

Eddleman Industries, Inc.
Ehrenberg International, Inc.
Elgin Corrugated Box Co.
Elwood Packaging
Emba Machinery, Inc.
Empire Container Corp.
Empire Packaging & Displays
Englander Container & Display 
Englander dZignPak LLC
Equipment Finance Corp.
Esko Artwork
Evans Box Manufacturing Corporation
Express Container Corp.

Falstein & Associates
Feltri Marone Corrugator Belts
Ferguson Supply & Box Mfg. Co.
Fibre Box Association
Fibre Containers Co.
Fienning, Charles
FitzGerald & Company, Inc.
Fitzpatrick Container Company
Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging and Graphics
Flexo Concepts
Flexographic Technical Assn., Inc.
Flint Boxmakers, Inc.
Foley & Lardner
Forest Alliance
Fosber America
Futura Mobility

Gaylord Container Corp.
Geo. Martin Company
General Corrugated Manufacturing
Georgia-Pacific Corp.
Gerber Innovations
Gibson Group, Inc.
Goch, David
Goepfert Maschinen
Global Equipment Ltd.
Golden Bear Packaging, Inc.
Golden Kraft, Inc.
Grant International Corp.
Great Lakes Packaging Corp.
Great Northern Corporation
Green Bay Packaging
Green Bay Packaging/George Kress Foundation
Griffin Communications

Hager Containers, Inc.
Haire Group
Harper Corporation of America
Harper Love Adhesives
Harris & Bruno Machine Co.
Harris Packaging
Harrison, Fred and Nan
Harry Rohde Management Services
Hartford Container, Inc.
Hartness Technologies
Harwood, Mike and Renie
Hawkeye Corrugated Box Co.
Henkel Adhesives
Heritage Inks International
Heritage Packaging Corp.
Hoel, Bill and Barb
Hoosier Container, Inc.
Hunter Packaging Corp.
Huston Patterson
Hycorr Machine Corp.

Ideal Box Co.
Illinois Valley Container, Inc.
Imperial Containers & Display, Inc.
Independent II, LLC
Independent Corrugator, Inc.
Independent Paperboard Marketing
Industrial Boxboard Corp.
Innerpac, Inc.
Intelligent Machine Control
Interfic, Inc.
International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA)
International Paper Company
Interstate Resources, Inc. (IRI)
Inx International Ink Co.

Jack Cooper
Jackson, Robin and Joseph
James Haglund Trust
Jamestown Container
Jamil Packaging
JB Machinery
J. M. Fry Co.
J.T. Financial Services, Inc.
Jet Corr, Inc.
JRC Equipment Sales, Inc.

K & G Box Co.
KapStone Paper & Packaging 
Kell Container Corp.
Kelly Box and Packaging Group
Kemi Art U.S.
Kiva International
Kiwiplan, Inc.
Klingher Nadler LLP
Kruger Packaging
Kwartler & Associates

LaBoiteaux Co.
Laimbeer Family Gift Fund
Laimbeer Packaging Company
Lamina of America
Landaal Packaging
Langston Corporation
Lansmont Corporation
Latitude Machinery Corporation
Lawrence Paper Co.
Leaman Container, Inc.
Lewisburg Container Co.
Liberty Carton Company
Liberty Diversified Industries
Lin Pac, Inc.
Logic Services & Support
Longview Fibre Corporation
Love Box Company, Inc.
Lydecker Artists Ltd.

M.S. Ackerman & Co., LLP
MacDermid, Inc./Merigraph Systems
Mack America Corporation
Mack Packaging Group, Inc.
Mall City Containers, Inc.
Mark Container Corp.
Mark Trece, Inc.
Marquip, Inc.
McDonald Packaging, Inc. 
McKinley Machinery, Inc.
McKinney, David
Mead Containerboard
Menasha Corporation
Metsa Board
MHI Corrugating Machinery Co.
Michigan Packaging/Grand Rapids  
Michigan Packaging Co./Mason
Michcor Container, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Packaging, Inc.
Midwest Paper Products Company
Miller Corrugated Box Co.
Milliken & Company
Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging
Mitchel-Peterson, Inc.
Mitsa Board Americas
Mollenhauer, Donna and Frank
Montebello Container Corp.
Moore Packaging Corp.
Morphy Containers, Ltd.
Multicorr Corporation

National Fiber Supply
National Packaging Corp. of America
Nelson Container Corp.
New England Wooden Ware Corp.
NewCorr Packaging, Ltd.
Nolden, Dale
North American Sheets
Northern Package Corp.
Northeast Box Company 

O'Grady Containers
Ohio Packaging Corporation
Oklahoma Interpak
Omaha Box Company
Ondutek International, Inc.
Orange County Container

Pacific Quality Packaging Corp.
Pacific Southwest Container
Packaging Alliance Network
Packaging Atlanta Corp.
Packaging Corp. of America
Packaging Express
Packaging Innovators Corp.
Packaging Materials Company
Packaging Services of Maryland
Packaging Un-Limited, Inc.
Pallmac USA, Inc.
Pamarco, Inc.
Panel Prints
Paper Agents, Ltd.
Paper Group Holding, Inc.
Paper Resources International
Paperboard Industries
Paperboard Publishing
Pearce Containers, Ltd.
People's Capital and Leasing Corp.
Performance Sheets
Perma-Flex Rollers, Inc.
Phoenix Packaging, Inc
Phoenixcor, Inc.
Pinnacle Corrugated
Plateworks Plus
Poteet Printing Systems
Pratt Industries
Precision Packaging, Inc.
President Container
Pride Container Corp.
Prime Technology, Inc.
Progress Container & Display
Propak Limited

Quality Systems Enhancement, Inc.

R & R Corrugated Container Corp.
Rand-Whitney Container Corp.
Reliable Container Corp.
Reliance Electric Company
Rex Carton Co.
Rexdale Corrugated Container
Richmond Corrugated Box Co.
Riverdale Packaging Corporation
Riverwood International
Robert Mann Packaging
RockTenn Company
Romanow Container
Royal Containers, Ltd.
Royal Continental Box Company
Roy Allen
The Royal Group
Rusken Packaging
The Strive Group

Sauer Systems
Schiffenhaus Packaging, Inc.
Schmidt, Dwight
Schultz, Jacqueline
Schwarz Partners Packaging
SCM Container Machinery, Inc.
Scope Packaging, Inc.
Scotland Container
Sebring Container Corporation
Serenity Packaging
Service Industries
Sheet Feeders
Sheets Schwarz
Shillington Box Co.
Shoreline Container
Signode Industry Packaging Systems
Simon, David
Simpson Paper
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co.
SL Surface Technologies, Inc.
Smith Packaging Limited
Smurfit Kappa
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
Sound Packaging, LLC
South Carolina Box
Southeastern Packaging Company
Southern Missouri Containers
Southern Packaging
Southland Packaging
Specialty Container Corp.
Specor Systems, Inc.
Spectra-Kote Corp.
Squire Corrugated Container Corp.
St. Laurent Packaging
StandFast Packaging
Star Container Corp.
Star Corrugated Box Company, Inc.
Stearns Foundation, Inc.
Stearnswood, Inc.
Stone Container Corporation
Stribling Packaging, Inc.
Stronghaven, Inc.
Suburban Corrugated Box Company
Sumter Packaging Corporation
Sun Automation
Sun Chemcial
Sunbelt Packaging Services, Inc.
Superior Lithographics
Sutherland Packaging, Inc.
Sycamore Containers, Inc.
Systec Conveyors

Tampa Corrugated Carton Co.
Target Container Company
Tavens Packaging
Tecasa USA, Inc.
Tech Pack
TenCorr Packaging, Inc.
Terrace Paper Co., Inc.
Testing Machines, Inc.
Texas Sheets
The Facts Corporation
The Idea Exchange
The New World Companies
The Strive Group
Tien Chin Yu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tillis and Associates
Tilsner Carton Company
TimBar Packaging
Timmons, Linda & Rob
Traub Container Corp.
Triad Packaging, Inc.
Triad Packaging, Inc. of TN
Triangle Container Corporation
Triple A Containers, Inc.
Tucker, Greg and Bette
Tuscarora I.M.G.

Union Camp
United Container Corp.
United Container Machinery, Inc.
United Motorcoach Asso.

Valley Container, Inc.
Valley Packaging, Inc.
Vanguard Packaging
VanHorne, Richard
Viking Container Company
Viking Industries
Viking Paper Company

Ward Machinery Company
Wasatch Container
Wausau Insurance Companies
Weber Display & Packaging
Welch Packaging Group, Inc.
Wertheimer Box & Paper Corp. 
Western Corrugated Design
William Hanan Trust 
Weyerhaeuser Co. Foundation 
Wil-Mac Corporation 
Wilmington Box Company 
Wisconsin Packaging Corp. 
Wolf, Chuck and Diane
WORKHORSE Industries 
World Paper & Storage Distribution 
World Wide Machinery, Inc. 
Wunderlich Fibre Box Co. 

York & Associates 
York Container 
Young & Associates